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So this one, I started almost immediately because of it’s intriguing cover. Though the starting few pages did not provide much to go on but I was glad I continued the book. Soon as the pace grew and things got serious I was completely engrossed in the story. I will have to say I liked the second half of the book much more than the first. There were quite a few things that hooked me. The quirky personality of Smith, then there was Nava, Jake and their adventurous encounters with death and how they dealt with them, it was all the recipe of something delicious. And delicious it was. Once the ring came into existence it was a whirlwind ride. It reminded me a bit of the movie series ‘The Lord of the Rings’. The conflict between Smith’s ancient belief and Jake’s thoughts were hilarious. Their retorts were funny and quirky. I also liked how the author cleverly incorporated the unstable relationship between Jake and his father. Even the ending was all flush, surprising and oozing with suspense. It is one of such books that you wish you could also watch it in form of movies.

If you are looking for some good read with suspense, a good dose of magic and a sprinkle of funny comebacks and feisty characters it is the book for you.