Sometimes I feel I am the laziest person that you guys will ever meet.

Do you know what I did today? I woke up at  exactly 10: 38 am. The time when half the world is done with their breakfast and are already easing into their weekend.

I will blame it on my husband who woke up rather early but never woke me up. When I asked him why, he told me that I work so hard every day and it’s only fair I am allowed to sleep late. But I know the real reason.

He was scared that if he tried waking me up I would get up irritated. All my anger would be directed at him. Moreover I would not make him his favorite ‘aalo – paratha’(stuffed spiced mashed potato bread) that I promised him the day before. And everyone knows my husband loves his food more than me.

My husband’s strategy backfired because when I woke up, I was irritated at him for not waking me up early. I had my whole weekend planned and packed tight to get all my jobs done so that I could plan for upcoming events of my life ( such as finishing the outline for my book, atleast finish 10k words of my first draft,  attend my friend’s marriage, prepare for my family’s arrival which meant deep cleaning of our Home before they arrived. ) 😛

So you understand my plate is full. And my husband’s one loving gesture threatened to ruin all my plans.

So what I did?

I did what any sane person would do. I threw a fit.


But how could you be angry at someone who doesn’t reciprocate your anger. If you are the only one throwing your hands in air and muttering things under her breath while pacing from one room to another and your gem of a husband is proposing to cook you breakfast.

Damn him.

Sometimes I do wonder, how did I get so lucky?

So as my anger subsided and guilt over-powered, I cooked him his favorite and more. Which now that I think, was his plan all along.

I even make him his favorite ‘Orange flavored choco chip chocolate cake.’ Because one thing the past year has taught you is that’ Live is short, so live it to the fullest.’

Also a good marriage needs to have one sane life partner in your life.

And thank God he has ME !!!

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