Hey! How you guys doing?

I know I haven’t posted in a long while. It’s just that life happened and writing was somewhere left far behind.  The daily grind somehow became more important than taking time out for my passion.

As time passed I  got scared to put something on my blog again. The game of procrastination became fun.  There were so many times that I just wanted to open my laptop and post life updates but I got scared of commitment. That I if started posting again I would have to continue with it. Then what would I procrastinate.

It’s funny how procrastination and guilt, fear and commitment go hand in hand.

So one day, as I was laying in my bed after office, scrolling through phone, passing time. I came across a program for writing. At first I scrolled past it but something made me scroll back.

How they say ‘ The first step is always the hardest.

I understood it.  Never abided by it, but understood it. Something snapped in me that day. I guess the vessel of guilt was filled to the brim. I asked myself, ‘What am I doing with my life?’

Now I have time to fulfil my dream and what I am doing?  Waiting for a more difficult time, where it would be much harder to pursue my dream?

So I enrolled for the course. I learnt something.

Then I enrolled for another.  I learnt more.

Then another.

Oh my god! How wide did my eyes open during it all?

Most of you know I have always wanted to write my own book for quite a while now. ‘Wanted’ is the keyword here. Not did anything about it. Just wanted.

As I started exploring, I realized the world is my oyster. Endless possibilities out there.  And every moment I am not working on my book I am missing a shot at something spectacular.

The best time to fulfil my DREAM is today.

So I am pledging myself that I will publish my book ONE month from now.

It sounds crazy, but it has been done before and I am here to do it again.

What they say?


I will post my journey as it moves forward on my blog.  Subscribe if you want to follow into my first book.

Thank you!

Much love,