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This book ‘ STARTLING PARANORMAL STORIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS’ is written by Mostyn Heilmannovsky   who is residing in Klosterneuburg near the beautiful city of Vienna.

His is a collection of short stories about paranormal phenomena. They range from cryptids, mysterious beings, who supposedly live alongside humanity, to the Greys, supernatural beings such as the shadow people and controversial subjects such as time travel, interviews with a different vampire, a totally new species of vampires unknown to most men, an ageless highlander and people with supernatural abilities such as telekinesis and remote viewing. When you read his book you better be prepared to be engulfed by a world full of wonders and riddles, unbeknownst to you.

Recently I sat down with Mostyn Heilmannovsky  to discuss this astounding book. Here’s the excerpt.

Mr Mostyn please introduce yourself to our readers of this blog. Where are you based from and what are your favorite hobbies?

‘ Well ! I am an author of e-books/ books and am currently residing in Klosterneuburg, a town near Vienna, Austria. My hobbies are reading, writing, science and art, although I must add, that I am interested in many other things such as music and linguistics. ‘

That’s good to hear. I have also noticed that your writing style is quite unique and different from other authors out there. Can you tell us what inspired you in this particular direction?

‘ That is a very interesting question and I don’t know how to answer it precisely, but I’ll try. I think, that my interviews with various people have inspired me to do this. Furthermore, I have noticed that there are not so many fictional stories about cryptozoology and other controversial topics, which I have also studied to some degree.’

For who don’t know can you tell the readers more about the book ‘ Startling Paranormal Stories Inspired by True events’ And how many books have you written so far?

‘This book is a collection of short stories about many themes, which have to do with real phenomena, that are happening on a global scale. The stories are all fictional, but the themes have some sort of basis in reality. The stories are mostly written in the first person and there is a good reason for this. It is my purpose to create a realistic atmosphere in my stories, which merges or intertwines truth with fiction. I have written approximately 60 short stories (e-books) and three books, of which I have published one.’


60 e-books…. Amazing!

Can you share some of those true events (in short) just for the readers who are hearing about your book for the first time.

‘Of course! The stories about the Greys for example were inspired by the ominous Roswell incident and other reports concerning the Greys. I must say though, that my stories about the greys are a bit atypical and may portray the Greys differently as they are commonly perceived in the UFO community. Then there are the stories about the shadow people and the Dogman. These two themes, especially the Dogman theme, which I have been researching for some time now. And then there were some more stories about other phenomena such as remote viewing and time travel, which I have also been doing some research on, for quite some time. I should add, that I have interviewed two remote viewers and have watched and read some books about time travel. In a nutshell one could say, that this book of mine is a compilation of stories, with topics, that are still very controversial for mainstream science and probably also for the average consumer. ‘


I am sure that must have been quite an adventure to write.

Last question Mr. Heilmannovsky, I am going to be tough here and ask you directly ‘why should our readers read your book? What will they achieve?’

‘Indeed. One should read this book, because it tries to convey two messages. The first message, is that it gives the reader the chance to choose whether or not to believe in the content of the book. The second message is, that it describes or at least tries to describe many aspects of these controversial topics. There are many layers to every story and this is what makes the book exciting to read. Not only that, I have fictional interviews in some stories, which give them a very realistic touch, in spite of them only being imaginary. Furthermore, I have written stories about topics, which are unknown to most readers and that alone should wet their appetite to devour my book.’


I am looking forward to read your book. Thank you for your time Mr Heilmannovsky. you have a great day.