The age-old question, but what is the answer?

How do you know you love someone?

Is it when someone smiles at you and your heart flutters crazily ? Or is it when you see your parents respecting your partner and you know you have made the right choice? Or is it when you see them helping someone in need? Or is it when you know you cannot spend even a moment apart from them? The list could go on but when do you know you are in love? That exact moment when everything seems perfect and you just know.

So, I pass the question to you guys.

How do you know when you have found love?

Does it come in the form of perfect dates and red roses? Or it comes in the form of a person who takes care of us when it is truly needed? Or it comes as a combination of both? But there are friends and family who can take care of us when we truly need it. Then what is the need for love?

And how will we ever know if the choice we are making is the right one? Yes, we can find the perfect person for us. But how will we know if we love him/her.

Love does not mean it has to the perfect match for you. You can find someone compatible enough for you soon. You could be living a peaceful life with no disruptions and everything going down smoothly. But is this what love is? A hundred percent match for you, a perfect fit for your puzzle, a solution to all your problems and you think you are in love.

I don’t know about you all but I don’t believe in this love. Love should be passionate, something you could feel deep down into your heart. Even a second away from that person could be like carving a knife on your heart. Their smile should be the only reason you wake up from bed every morning. It should not matter if you are financially compatible or not. It should not matter if you are from the same caste, religion or not, It should not matter if you are of opposite genders or not. The only thing that should matter is that you know that you are two parts of the same soul born just to be with each other. You could be each other’s destruction but you choose to be each other’s strength. You can fight like cats and dogs but you know you are stronger when you are with each other. And you have the strength to change and grow together so that you can be a better version of yourself every day.

Love is blind. It has no logic behind it.

Isn’t love staying together irrespective of being parts of opposite poles, an imperfect fit for a perfect puzzle, yet respecting each other and accepting each other’s flaws and loving them for who they are and not who they could be, if they changed.


Well this is my version of love. Please share yours in the comment box below so  that I could soak in all of your wonderful stories of love and wisdom.

Love, Shikha