She thought she was not worth loving
so she kept them at a distance,

always attracted to the unattainable
discarding the lovable.

She kept them at a distance
because she feared the day
they would find her bends and cracks,
her rough edges might cause bruises and scratches.

But she never once thought
maybe they already knew her flaws
loved her sharp pieces and rusted emotions
loved her dark corners and dismantled heart;
Maybe they already knew what she didn’t want them to know
They knew and they loved
the imperfect her

only her
always her.



Short Message: Hello lovelies! How did you like the poem? I just wanted to say that I am so delighted about the fact that I have gained a lot of friends here. But this platform makes communicating a bit difficult. So I have come up with a new game. At the end of each post I shall ask you a question and you can mention your reply in the comment below. Like today I want to know where my beautiful friends reside.

 Okay. So I will start.

 I am from New Delhi, India. Where are you from? Mention your city followed by your country in the comment below.

 Yay! This could be fun. Have a good day all of you.