Publisher: Crimson Romance (November 6, 2017)

Publication Date: November 6, 2017

Language: English

Sensuality Level: Spicy

Micah Persell is the winner of the 2013 Virginia HOLT Award of Merit for her first novel Of Eternal Life and she holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a double master’s degree in literature and English pedagogy. She currently teaches high school English classes.

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This is the first book I ever read of Micah Persell but I fell in love with the fantasy as soon as I started it. It has been days since I had wanted to complete a friction in one go. The chemistry between Kip and Veronica was sensual, hot and each page was dripping with molten romance. I loved how the author built the characters and plot without turning things cliché. I particularly loved her clever use of words to nail each and every description.

I would describe it as a Bollywood masala movie with lots of love, heat, emotions and a grand larger than life happy ending. A must read if you are looking for an erotic romance that won’t disappoint you and keep you gripped till the last page.


Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy of this book from Crimson Romance via NetGalley but all views are only my own.


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