Nostalgia, was what I felt today when I tripped over my first attempt at writing. Though this short story has more to do with facts and less with fiction, it still brought back memories. I am copy pasting as it is. It is 2 yrs old so it might contain some errors. But do enjoy the ride.


It was 11th of July 2015, the day that still give me shivers when I think about it. It was Sunday, a day of rest for everyone but a day of upheaval for me. I had a very important exam that day so I went to bed the previous night full of self esteem and confidence that even if I needed to lift mountains the next day I would do so in a blink of an eye, not literally of course. When daylight broke in I awoke cheerful and bubbly. My happiness was contagious. Who knew it would disappear like a candle flame dying a painful death on a windy night in a moment. As soon as I peered out of the window I saw it was raining cats and dogs. But I find pride in my strength so I took a deep breath and decided this small hurdle will not dampen my mood and I would give my 100% to exam. My exam centre was in Nehru Palace, New Delhi and I resided in Gurgaon so I left my home early with umbrella in one hand and my bag in other.

I wish I could tell that the journey to the metro station was smooth and peaceful. But no today was not my day. On the bus my neighbour bored me with his talks so much that for a moment I wished to stuff his mouth with my umbrella and throw him out in the rain. But being the good person that I am, I took a deep breath and controlled my dangerous and violent thoughts and smiled at him as if he was my discussing my favourite fruit of the season. As soon as the bus stopped at the metro station, I ran as if Mr.Mogambo (Indian supervillian) Β himself was behind me.

In the metro I again found my peace and nourished it with my inspiring thoughts. I closed my eyes and a faint satiated smile occurred on my face. Finally I would reach my destination in no time and I would fulfil my goal of the day with no further hindrances. As if my thought was a curse awaiting to befall on me, the metro jerked and stopped. An audio started playing that due to heavy rain there would be delay in the service and they are sorry for the inconvenience. My eyes blazing, face flushed, my cheeks turning a faint shade of red and fury at no one in particular bubbled inside me and I was a time bomb hanging by a thread ready to snap at anyone who dare point a finger at me. Finally after 15 minutes and 36 seconds of delay the train started moving and yes I was counting. Cooling my anger bit by bit because I had a very important task ahead I gathered all my courage and took a deep breath and I was ready as new me.

At Nehru palace metro station as I exited it was still raining but it was a weak drizzle. If was as if God himself saw through my desperation and decide to help me. Thanking the lord I searched for an auto. I was stranded near the gate as I was surrounded by atleast half a feet of water and no auto was ready to cross the road and take passengers. I understood their predicament and decided to sacrifice my dry clothes to reach them. After all I had an important goal to achieve. Keeping a bright smile on my face and paying double the money I reached my destination. Finally.

Inside the centre finding my way through their poor management and searching for my spot when I reached I found the mouse to my computer missing. ‘Oh god not again’ were my first thoughts. But as I was so near to my goal for which I endured all the hassles I patiently informed the management and got it rectified. Gathering all my courage left hidden in the corners of my mind I again took a deep breath. This was larger and longer. At last I gave my exam. I feel proud to admit that it went well.

If I thought my day was over and nothing more could go wrong the next few hours proved me how wrong I was. When I stepped down at Huda Metro station thinking of hot coffee and warm bath, I was astonished to see rain greeting me. If it was raining cats and dogs in the morning I wish I could say it was raining elephants and rhinoceros now. Reminded of the bus experience in the morning I decided to take auto on the return journey. It was as if I committed even a bigger mistake. Rain and heavily waterlogged roads are a very deadly combination. My auto gave up as if it was surrendering itself
to the wrath of nature. I could almost hear it begging for forgiveness. Everywhere my eyes roamed there was chaos. Vehicles were stranded, people were miserable. Gathering our courage me and the auto driver murmuring words of encouragement and cursing the situation finally pulled through. I reached home after dreaded 3 hours.

Finally happy to be home, too exhausted to do anything with a content smile on my face I slumped on my bed and drifted with a resolution to not wake before a month coffee and bath long forgotten.

I would definitely consider it a day when everything went wrong. The only bright spot was when I later found out that I cleared the exam.