Dear Jane,

I transcribe my note amidst sweeping yet discreet urges, conscious of our betrothal and marriage unripe until the next summer’s moon. Nonetheless my heart and mind though aware cannot be quenched by this insight. I yearn for you, my love. To trace those creases around your eyes, carved from your smile, down your freckled nose to your lips that I have longed to kiss and only dared to graze in my dreams. To take in the smell of your glistening hair under the dimming light of dusk, draped, silky and full of life, down your back and over your skin; to touch your smooth trembling skin dripping with temptation unbidden.

I crave for you, my love. My love for you, it ripens each time you lay your eyes on me. For I was yours before the words echoed from your mouth and by God I will remain yours till the last breath of my fragile heart.

I think I have said too much, my love. Until next we meet, let me bid you adieu,  My lips upon yours I place a kiss.

Forever yours




Dear Christopher,

Oh my darling! Those sweet words played havoc upon my heart. I can’t elucidate how fortuitous I am to have found you. You my love, are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wait enthusiastically for the day you shall return from war and be mine forever. I await impatiently- for your lips upon mine, to feel your sturdy hands in my gorgeous locks to hold me in place while you dalliance with my mouth.

I miss you, my King. I miss the intensity of your stoic eyes that turn into burning ember as you lay them upon me, I miss the weight of your body upon mine, I miss your delicate touch with which you embraced me, afraid that your scars might scare me.

I am falling apart without you, my love. Each day is a war to be fought, without you. Piece by piece my heart is disintegrating. My heart, body and soul aches for you, my darling. Please be home soon. Your people need you. I need you.


Only yours




Short Message: Hello guys! How did you like the letters? This post is my collaboration with my blogger friend Eli. He is a wonderful writer and friend. He wrote Christopher’s letter and I wrote Jane’s. We tried to capture each of their rupturing emotions in these letters. Do let us know if you liked our work.

Also you can visit Eli here.