You know the day when you wake up feeling all hyped up and inspired that today is going to be your day. That  today is on the path of becoming your best day ever.

You almost forget to breathe, to sleep, to eat ; that excited you are to take your first step. Life seems wonderful at that moment. It seems that you can conquer anything, do anything; fly across the oceans, climb to the mountain tops.  It’s the high that even bottles of alcohol can’t provide. No hangovers, no nausea, you just get the euphoria of floating high among the clouds.

You feel like today is your day. Because today is your day.

You just have bring your plan into action, for action is what speaks. You must have heard it a million times “A dream not enacted upon is just a wish”. Well it is true.

But today you can hear your supernatural powers speaking to you. You can almost feel it. Today is the best day to achieve your dreams , to fulfil your destiny.

It doesn’t matter if it is as small as stepping out of the house or as large as writing a book. Nothing is ever small or big. If it is your dream then it counts. For example, a great achievement for an OCD person would be to see candles arranged in a haphazard order and  resisting the urge to get up and correct it. It might be his/her biggest achievement of the day. What may seem small to one person maybe the biggest thing the other person could do. So don’t judge. Respect their dreams and respect yours too. For yours is the most important to you.

Be selfish for once. Think about yourself.

And if today is the day you feel that you can achieve it, then you go do it.  Take the leap. But be ready to toil hard and work harder. For hard work only wins.

So go do your thing. Seize the day and then watch the MAGIC unfold. Because TODAY is your day.

TODAY is definitely your day!!