Okay! So as you guys know I have taken up the challenge to write , edit and publish my book in 30 days.

But I was overwhelmed with the amount of work that had to be done.

So instead of worrying about all the steps that had to be done. I decided to tackle the first one and not think about others. The first step I had to do was to finalize on my idea for the book and to create an outline and do research alongside.

I did set a goal of 7 days to finish all this task since I have to start writing from 9th August 2021( Day 1 of my 30 Day Book Publishing Challenge.)

Now the thing that was going through my mind was that I don’t want to compromise the quality of the book just because I finished it in 30 days. 

But you know what, I soon realized that it is a myth, and a popular one at that. Books that take more than year to be written might not be successful and the books written within 24 hours can also become bestseller. Everything is directly proportional to what is written in the book and not on time taken to write the book.

That done, my goal for writing this book is to motivate people, inspire people. To give them that one push that pushes them out of their black hole. And to write such a book  a good research and a strong outline is required.

So I sat down last Sunday for this dreaded job. But I am sorry to say it had little to no output.

I sat down on Monday and again no result. I was getting frustrated. Plus after coming home from work I had little to less energy left to put on my book.

This went on for few days. I was getting frustrated and even started questioning myself. ( a question I am sure  will reoccur in my mind atleast 100 times till the  book is done. )

My personal deadline of 7 days was also approaching. So, one day i.e yesterday I sat down on my desk and decided I will not get up till I finish my job. And yesterday being a holiday I had no place to be.


I sat there for 8-10 hours straight and didn’t even realize it. You imagine, all it took was a fresh approach and some determination.

And if I may say so ‘ I did a pretty good job at it.’

One thing I realized during this process is – that whatever you want to achieve in your life, how small it may be or how big it may be, You have to give your 100%. You need to have same enthusiasm if you want to start a new business or even if you want to start a new blog or you want to try a new recipe.

If you start to give your 100% in everything you do however small it may be. You will observe your life will take a 360 degree turn. You will be more happy and less frustrated with your life.

So that’s my lesson of the day. Hope you also give it a try.