They say writing is good for mental health.


So even after a thorough check on my emotions, when I was not able to diagnose the reason for my current state of mind and muddled emotions, I wrote my own prescription –



and suddenly I was calm. It was as if all thoughts were instantly tuned in to create a masterpiece. I guess they had a bit of practice.


They say inspiration can be missed in a blink of an eye. We need to tap into them before the reservoir dries out. But they also say troubled minds create the most aesthetic masterpieces. It’s a good thing then that they are not mutually exclusive. Artists look for comfort and peace in their art. Outside world may seem a jumbled mess but they are the ringmasters of their creation.


I speak less and observe more. And when I stumble upon threads of bare vulnerability that I find hidden behind the masks , I mold them to fit into my world. And I try to create perfection. A perfect story. My perfect masterpiece woven with strange little hidden pieces, all a mere price to pay for my peace.


And I find what I desired for. I always do. PEACE.

Though, momentarily. Until the demons rise again and time for my hunt comes.


And the cycle repeats.