She stirred lazily like a  newborn when the morning ray hit her face. But her eyes opened suddenly when her subconsciousness registered the fact that she is in an unfamiliar place. Then she relaxed as the events of past few days came rushing back to her. She quickly covered the exposed calf with her sari, glad that no one has witnessed the new bride in such a compromising position. She carefully put the aachal , on her head as a sign of respect to the elders or as she was told to. She was taught how to take a pallu i.e. pinning the aachal on the shoulder and taking the edge of the front end and putting it on her head among various other things. She was still not used to it and feared her pallu would fall down from her head in front of her in-laws and she will become a source of disgrace to them.

She looked to the other side of the bed where her husband might have slept. The blankets were neatly folded and kept on top of pillows at the end of bed. Only evidence of her husband , it still felt weird saying it, of his sleeping in it was the little crinkles at his side of bed that he forgot to straighten.

She could hear the faint noise of utensils clanking in the kitchen. Somewhere in the house the temple bell was ringing and the incense was burning slowly in the house leaving a faded lavender smell in the air. She glanced around. Everything was perfect and expensive. The heavy curtains, silk cushions, mahogany almirahs tucked in one corner of the room, the dressing table, the 40 inch tv embedded in the wall. Definitely expensive. No trace of dirt anywhere. The maid must have come and gone while she was sleeping.

She sighed a big breath. She did not know what to make of her new life. She knew she was a bride . the vermilion on the forehead and red glass bangles in her hand left no room for doubt. Her mother told her this was her good luck that was showering on them when proposal of marriage came from the Khuranas. The Khuranas were the most influential family in the whole district of Aurangabad. She could understand why her mother was thrilled. They belonged to average middle class Brahmin family and The Khuranas were well, The Khuranas. They had a flourishing spice business with a total of 38 shops in the district. Though they did not belong to Brahmin caste, people still respected them. Even her father who was strict for her marrying only in a Brahmin household went ahead and married her within 15 days of the proposal. She thought it was because they  were afraid that if they delayed, The Khuranas might change their minds and it was a proposal that no one in their sane mind would say no to, maybe except her. But nobody asked for her opinion and cultured girls never gave their opinions unless asked to.

‘Sira! Siraaa!’

The voice of her mother -in-law bought her back to her room. She wiped the tears from her face, straightened her pallu and went to see what task her new Mom has assigned for her today.


Hey beautiful people! So busy with work that I havn’t had a chance to post something for a while. But here I am trying something for the first time- writing short stories. Just so you know this  is just the first part  I wanted to put up in front of you guys so that you can give me a review. Let me know if you  would like to read more of it. Or the direction you would like the story to take? 

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