I tested your acidity on a crumpled litmus paper sewn in the crevices of my heart. You turned blue like a newly wedded salt. I know I must be mistaken, my eyes blind due to the residual love I keep hidden in stashes , hibernated for such freezing darkness.

What’s in color?

I know you are not corrosive like a drunken deer enchanted to a green poison valley. I know you will not sell your fingernails to a murder site in exchange of all my love and bite.

Distraction it all is.

Blue and alkaline. Your soul. Vaporizing the thread you and I once stumped upon. Bend me all or not. I do not care. Squeeze my bosom or not. I do not care.

I have now evolved from under the tiny ebbs of your sore thumb into the winged salmon, like a newly born orange fly in the midst of midnight. I have flown far beyond your faux boundaries, glued my decaying sundries and resurrected my own new sky.

Without you.

Without caustic blue in my life.

– I am now what I want to be and not what you wanted me to be.