Hello there, my darlings!


How are you? I do hope you are sprinkling fresh morning dew on unsuspecting visitors and dancing at the edge of meadows with wildflowers in your hair.

I know I have been away for too long, this past month being a deadly reminder of what a murky ecosystem is my life with no lifeline to paint my distraught musings on dry edges of this purple beach.


I missed you all. I missed putting ash of my thoughts on clandestine paper. I missed wind and fireflies, in the same sky. Contagious laughter and midnight dyes, around the same dice.

And even more than that, I missed your warm presence of honey-soaked sunflowers on this velvety page.



what I am trying to say is — I am back.

Finally back to one place where I belong. Because I couldn’t stay far too long.

Back into the world of misguided hormones and volcanic emotions. Back into the paradise of mismatched souls.

Back to drink and howl. To breathe and to let go.

Back to live. To feel.

And to WRITE.