Yesterday I was so angry

i yapped at the sunshine

panting on my forehead,


today i am so happy

i embraced that little flicker of warmth

with my infectious morning smile.



I noticed in this moment-

this euphoria and melancholy

arrives in waves

in tides and ebbs.


That little hummingbird dwells

in my hair on my happy days,


but on the sad days

i am that growling bear

that is too grumpy to share

even his yummy honey, beware.




People in my side-pocket and

twinkles in my fist,

on my happy days

i jump down the barren road-

with monsters in my backyard

and orgies in my front porch.


But on my off days.

i walk cowering of the sunlight-

searching for dark corners

in broad daylight.


I hide the uncovered wounds

with my cracked mask


but still

blood drips

seeps from those tiny holes

and paints the green sidewalk

crimson and pretty.



Unhappy and young

wretched but seductive, I

stumble along the pavement


drunken on the high

drowning in the low


but still i survive



today and