Hello beauties!

This has been a very special year for me. And I have to thank all of you for that. Though it started with a lot of difficulties I cannot believe 2017 is ending on such an excellent note.

I remember the little moments of delight that bought twinkle to my eyes and those moments of sadness that taught me to never give up and keep moving.

I remember the moment of extreme joy when my 3 years of hard work finally paid off. I was designated a attractive post in Indian Defence. I literally cried that day. And it was in a long time that my tears were those of happiness and not because of things not going my way. I made my dad’s dream come true that day.

Then it was time to work on my own. I remember never believing that I could do it. Never believing that I could write something that people would find worth reading.  I considered it a star far above in the sky beyond my reach.  But I learned to believe in myself, believe in the impossible and took the first steps. I am so glad I did. I couldn’t be more proud of the fact of how far I have come.

I have made my own happy world here, with you guys-my second family.

From making my papa’s dream come true to getting on with my own, to reconnecting with long lost friends to making new friends across the globe, to breaking rules and doing things that should not be mentioned again — this is the best year I have ever had.

I wish for a even better new year for all of us. Hope we make a lot of mistakes. stumble, fall but spring back up stronger than ever.


To the memories we made and to the memories yet to be made.


Happy 2018



P.S.- That’s a photo of me trying to eat a plane. That’s the first thing I tried doing this new year.