Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: Destra World Books Publishing (April 8, 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1941844359

ISBN-13: 978-1941844359

Ronald Destra is a Floridian author, illustrator, publisher, and entrepreneur. Each of his books has a unique storyline that appeals to young ones, while teaching them about heavy subjects. His books include:
Best Friends, Santa’s Little Helper, The Birthday Party, Hoppy the Frog, Tommy the Giraffe, The Little Hero, Fluffy the Bird, The Tattoo, Scrappy the Dog, The Zoo and much more.

Juanita Destra- is the co-founder & CEO of Miami based Destra World Books Publishing,  and she with her husband Ronald– provides professional literary services to authors and business owners. Their company specializes in book publishing, marketing, editing, graphic design, promotion and web development.

Renald Destra is driven to refine and solve problems of parents and children through creative writing which he has passionately shown in his book, “The Zoo and A Teddy for Jackie Jr.” He is a leader with great insights and innovative ideas. Aside from his professional career, he is also passionate about weightlifting, music, construction, daughters, son, and grandchildren.


Book Blurb:

A beautifully illustrated book essential for every child’s library. A day at the zoo may seem like fun, but something’s going on, and the animals can’t seem to get along with each other.

So what happens when an argument breaks out between the lion and the zebra, the lynx and the monkey, the bear and the elephant, and all the other zoo animals?

Read the story and find out in this amazing book for children and preteens. This incredibly fun and witty book was carefully written by the experts of the genre to make reading fun and appealing, and it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

The story focuses on the relationships created among the zoo animals, and it raises a wide range of issues, from friendship and temper management to captivity and proper behavior.

The simple and easy to understand text will give children the opportunity to have fun through reading and will give parents and teachers a starting point for discussion and exchange of ideas.

The book will help its readers understand a life lesson on team work and collaboration towards a common goal while having fun, as well as recognize the importance of temper control and of getting along.

Children and grown-ups will love the funny dialogue just as much as they will love the beautiful and colorful illustrations that will make reading more exciting than ever. The text will also give children the opportunity to learn more about wild animals, their names and eating habits, as well as new vocabulary and expressions.


Book Review:

This book was a bit different from the previous book ‘Santa’s Little Helper that I read of Ronald. ‘The Zoo’ was all about the chaos of the zoo, confrontation among the animals and what came out of it.

As usual the illustrations expected from Destra Publication were great. Some heavy words were used to sprinkle excitement for the children and the quirky characteristics of the zoo animals could be well related by the children to their visits to the zoo.

A well written book The Zoo, was funny, hilarious and colourful with a lot of curious questions bundled up for children to explore such as the characteristics of animals in the zoo vs in the jungle, their eating, sleeping habits etc.

A good knowledgeable read for the children overall !