A  mystic raven, postcard trussed to its claws

a young unwed scandal holding her abdomen


both pray for a miracle, roaring thunder

lightening chuckle, the tree sheds its leaves


disembarking on a voyage, beyond the

afterbirth cartridge, the morbid father seeks courage in


bourbon, the raven takes shelter with

blackbird from Durban, evanescent pleasure holding


onto hope,

bitter hope.




A sorcerer awakens his wand, overshadow

abscond, the bride chuffed but


her hand, guarding the unborn heir

first-hand, faraway a ray flower births off the sword


of a fighting monarch, a raven looming above in a

ellipse dark, finally last enemy abed among corpse


and blood, information imparted – the Prince married

in scud, that too to the pregnant country wench


without his blessing, the king livid

yelling, but none matters now


mission accomplished, the raven famished

his course altered, he flies back to its blackbird.