A ballerina twirls with precision and perfection

her cracked toenails whimpers softly in complaint


the curious child in the crowd coos disturbed

he is not getting enough attention


the director gazes lustfully at his spinning prey

sharpening its teeth and elongating his beast


pregnant lady lays still in stiff seat

not wanting to rile the still kicking baby


the black swan seduces the crowd

men young and old alike


enchanting and bewitching

the bullies watch with jealousy and appreciation


the director now pops open his trouser button

the beast roaring to come out


wanting her wet and screaming with pain

his little princess, he knows her


moonlight bent from path

to pinch the angel


for once the frigid white swan

embraces her evil twin


relishes in her beauty

her power of seduction


she glances at the window

mirrors herself in the first snow


hope, happiness and breaking free

the white beauty lost


and the black swan empowers

as it was meant to be.