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Print Length: 34 pages

Publisher: Destra World Books Publishing, LLC (December 23, 2016)

Publication Date: December 23, 2016

Yay! It’s Christmas month. And guess what I read today. A funny children’s book called ‘Santa’s Little Helper’  by amazing Ronald Destra.

Ronald Destra is a Floridian author, illustrator, publisher, and entrepreneur. Each of his books has a unique storyline that appeals to young ones, while teaching them about heavy subjects.

His books include:
Best Friends, Santa’s Little Helper, The Birthday Party, Hoppy the Frog, Tommy the Giraffe, The Little Hero, Fluffy the Bird, The Tattoo, Scrappy the Dog, The Zoo and much more.

Ronald Destra is also the co-founder of Destra World Books Publishing. His passion is to help younger children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up.

Book Blurb:

In the quiet town, snowflakes lightly fall. Though the road to town is not well-travelled, a special visitor is to appear. It is Daniel’s first Christmas and he eagerly awaits him. Who is Santa Claus? Daniel wants to find out and see for himself.

When his parents are fast asleep, the sound of a Christmas carol makes him stir. His eyes slowly open, and the rumbling singing halts not. He must be here. Running to the living room, his joyful gaze of anticipation meets that of the one and only Santa Claus, and does he have a job for Daniel.

This year, a Christmas wish is made come true. Being Santa’s little helper, Daniel finds out this is the season of love, joy, and giving.


Happiness, colors and laughter!

This book had everything. The illustrations were great, the story was engaging and each page was bubbling with happiness and Christmas joy.

What I liked most about this book was that even little things were paid attention to. Things that you might not notice at first glance, so subtly they are embedded in the story. But that’s the beauty of a great children’s book. It has the capability of teaching kids things that play a major role in building their character as they grow up. Like fastening of seatbelt, spreading happiness by giving, developing empathy towards orphans etc. Another bit I liked was that the characters were illustrated as people of colour. And the best bit was that even Santa was coloured. I mean how good that is.

This book is a complete Christmas package. It’s every kid’s dream to spend time with Santa and this book gives them that.

I will have to say it’s a perfect book to gift this Christmas.