Hello friends,

So as I was scrolling through this jumbled mess of a web today, I came across this wonderful contest with $1000 prize and I sat down to write this post as soon as I can, to let you guys know about it.

This competition is being contested by Sweek, a leading mobile app and website for upcoming writers and well-known authors. To participate in this contest you just have to make an account and upload your story or poetry on this site before 30th November 2017 and tag #sweekstars in the Story Details section.

The advantage of this competition is that it has a total prize money of $4000 and a grand prize of $1000.There are various other prizes too, that you can check by clicking here.

Another plus point is that it is open to all genres of stories, poetry and prose; has no word limits restrictions unless it is a short story. Also the participating story does not need to be new or exclusive and you can participate with multiple entries.

But on the downside this site requires you to have atleast 3 followers before you can participate in the contest, though gaining 3 followers should not be that mighty of a task. Just share your stories and post genuine likes and comments on writings that gave you goose bumps. Also if  you consider joining and need a follower let me know, I will be glad to follow you back. You can also visit my Sweek profile here.

The winners shall be announced on 16th January on their website and via email. To know more about the Jury, frequently asked questions and detailed guidelines click here.

Never underestimate yourself and do give the contest a try. Who knows you might even win $1000.

Best of luck.




Short Message: Hello guys! I am sorry I am not posting a lot of writings in a while. It’s just that my mind is not in the right place now. It seems my creative mind is on a strike. There are a lot of haphazard thoughts going on in my mind about my dreams to make in the world as an author and the tough path lying ahead. I am just trying to calm the storm so that I can write. I am sure you guys can relate to my turmoil.

 Also I wanted to thank you for helping me reach 10k+ hits in just two months. All this would never have been possible without your love and support.

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