(It’s amazing to see how a child tries to coax his red shoe out of it’s hiding place. Keep reading to find out)

Red shoe, Red shoe

Where are you?

Stop hiding from me my red shoe

I promise I shall polish you, shine you

I will not step on puddles or dance in rain

I will even keep you away from cruel Jane ;

Come back to me my shoe

or I will tell my Momma,

And I will not save you from Tommy

when he tries to pee on you.

Please come back to me

Where are you my red shoe?

I know you are angry at me

That I left you to play with Emma,

I know you are sad

but don’t you dare leave my side.

I will not give you Halloween candies,

Or save you from scary little kids dancing down the lane,

I will not let you sleep next to my bed,

And instead of you I will make Emma my best friend.

I am begging you

You come back to me my shoe,

You know I can’t eat without you, sleep with you

I can’t live without you.

Just come back to me

Where are you my red shoe?


Short Message: So, this is a little different style of poetry I have tried, away from my usual. Let me know if I did my job right.

And Happy Halloween Guys!! My Halloween is mostly spent by binge watching horror shows on TV and eating lots of candies. How do you celebrate yours? Since it is Halloween week I would like to know some of your best Halloween memories. Do mention them in comments below.