She jumping up and down in the rain,
water dripping down her neck
into the dark valley
leading to a mysterious cave,
clothes clinging to her
making a sculpture more beautiful
than a painter’s dancing paint —
her lips softly parted,
scrumptious and full
mating with the falling rain ;

her aura angelic
her dance natural
oozing sexuality unintentional

but I know her soul
her every dance
her every move —

I know
she is the predator
I am the prey ,
she is the ringmaster and
I am the lion in the cage ,
I know better than to fall for her games
be the sacrificing pawn
in her game of chess ;

but then she looks up at me
with those intoxicating eyes,
tilts her head to the side

and my feet move unconsciously —
like a clumsy iron attracted to deft magnet,
like an ugly moth dancing to the flickering flame

I move
I dance
I glide

to that wall of ice
to my vice.