PART 1 :

Yesterday I met a writer

His eyes were sparkling

His beard long, his smile captivating

And when he spoke

His words were like christmas miracle

I stood there dazed

Wondering if writing is so wonderful

Why the hell should I miss this craze.


PART 2 :

The following day when I stumbled upon him,

He was weaving fairies and castles, vikings and mermaids out of thin air,

He scrawled mercilessly on that fragile piece of paper,

Lost in an era unbeknown, he wrote and wrote.

Mesmerised with the sight, I just gaped at him,

Wondering if I should join his magical army marching to vengeance the vicious king,

Or should I retrace my steps and leave him solitary in his world of witches and enchanting rings.


PART 3 :

Bedazzled by the world he had weaved

I decided to spin my own, with blood and ink

A young debutante falling for a stoic Lord, or a battle of realm

Maybe a power conflict of alpha and his beta, or an immortal going gaga over a mortal being.

Choices were too many, imagination unrestricted

Mayhap I’ll make the vampire abduct the dainty princess,

Or time travel the atrocious baron to meet the prodigious mistress.

My bag of fantasies overflowing,

No room for wriggle ,I started to scribble

But before I touched my pen to paper.

My mom bellowed for dinner

Dreams long forgotten, scrumptious meal ahead, I ran to my feast

Food in my belly, but question in my mind

‘How does he turn the world upside down, when his mom always call for meal??’