Numb heart, overflowing helplessness
Eyes red and all swollen
I still remember the day, when the sun stopped shining
Rose stopped blushing, I stopped laughing;
Unbearable void, bleak future
I wished I could die, stop my heart from reaping to shreds;


That’s the day reminiscing I always dread,
That’s the day I lost my love on the hospital bed,
Last word I caught from her lips was neither my name nor confessing her undying love,
All she ever whispered was ‘Apples


And then I knew what she never mentioned,
She loved me more than her favourite sweater,
Loved me more than her favourite cheesecake,
Loved me more than death.



Our secret promise, our declaration of love
That’s our mystery,
Only for us to know, and for you to wonder,
It died with her and it would die with me.

Now if someone asked me, my favourite memory of her
I just smile mysteriously, cryptically and say